Howdy folks, I have a new layout. I'm going to add more to it down the road. Wasn't a fan of the design I had here, and with time I had changed it. If provided I have time, I may attempt a news site but not sure yet; let's see what happens when I go back to work, do college and attack this all at once. I also need to get the front mic fixed on my computer so I can get Dragon Speak to work.

If provided I make a news site, I will focus on mainly world issues coming from China and North Korea, since how The United States will be owned by China very soon (in fact, we pretty much are) is a floating interest, I will look to report on it. I also need to get info on using images from Getty without a lawyer kicking my ass. So, this process to attempt to make RobbeeWrite a selected-news site or blog will take a while. Need to make my news templates and get third-party affilates.

Thanks for visiting!